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November 01, 2006


Rebecca B.

What a blast! Your party looks like such fun. I can't believe you put together such great costumes without any preplanning! You put me to shame sister. :)

Alice Gunther

>So...around 3pm (have I mentioned I >procrastinate?), I announced to my >thirteen-year-old that we would be >having our own All Saints' Day party >tonight and asked if she would help me >come up with some costumes.

Absolutely unbelievable! What an incredible party! I so admire your spirit and sense of adventure--the kids are obviously loving everything and brimming over with excitement!

Margaret in Minnesota

Here I am, the bleary-eyed 2 a.m. blogger, beaming my way through these wonderful photos.

I'm going to smile my way to bed now. Enjoy your morning coffee, Diane; you're probably having it as I type!


This is SO GREAT! Sometimes your Guardian Angels just KNOW BEST! Love the pictures and chuckled heartily at "Joachim losing it in the rear"!!!! HAHAHAHA! Whoo-hoo!!
And, Margaret, what are you doing up at 2 am???

Karen E.

A belated, but big, smile on my face here.

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